Terms and Conditions

User Agreement which will be held between User and Times Travel T/A Cheap Umrah Packages (you and we). We request you to read the following terms and conditions of use (Terms and Conditions) before booking any kind of product. You have agreed to the terms and conditions when you visit our site and clicked on the button at bottom which is Agree. You can agree without any qualification. If you are disagreed to any part of the terms and conditions, you may draw to our site or make any kind of booking wit Cheap Umrah Packages. Every type of Alliance documents will be sent to Cheap Umrah Packages at info@cheapumrahpackages.co.uk.

1. You Agreement and Contract with Cheap Umrah Packages

A booking is any sort of product which we have offered on our website and received by our staff. When we received the complete payment for your booking will, then we sent you a confirmation email with the contract included. It would be a sort of receipt for you and issued by from Cheap Umrah Packages and any relevant travel agent of Cheap Umrah Packages. All the products which we have displayed are subjected to the accessibility and availability from the suppliers. Cheap Umrah Packages offers a diverse range of products and relative terms and conditions for every product. You can book a complete Umrah Package, Umrah Flights, Hotel Accommodation, Umrah VISA, or Holiday Packages. You may select the combination of products as well. Cheap Umrah Packages is like a negotiator for the third party suppliers such as the Airlines, hotel administration, insurance, car rental companies, package holiday suppliers, and other travel suppliers. When you boo any package or any type of services through our website, the contract will be between you and the travel supplier. Cheap Umrah Packages will not be part of any contractual relationship. Other products include the Umrah flights and Hotels purchased and paid for different times. And holidays which are booked from another supplier.

Cheap Umrah Packages strongly recommend to take out the travel insurance for any Hajj and Umrah Package. Especially for the circumstances in which Cheap Umrah Packages or Travel Supplier doesn’t accept the liability. (Delays and Cancellation beyond our control and access.)


Travel Suppliers:

Cheap Umrah Packages acts as a disclose agent for the third party suppliers and these terms and conditions used for the tour operators, Hotels, Chain of Hotels, hotel aggregators, travel insurance companies, car suppliers, and all the airlines will be taken into the term of travel suppliers. The contract will be you and the travel supplier, your queries will be passed to that suppliers. You have to take a sight on the supplier name, address and contact details which would be mentioned in the bottom or in the info sections of the receipt or their website. Cheap Umrah Packages does not presume any liability for the travel products or any warranty issued from the supplier side regarding the quality and aptness for the products which we have mentioned on the website.

Travel Supplier Conditions:

The following terms and conditions will apply for all the products booked from our website. The Travel supplier’s terms including the terms and conditions defined by the airlines booked and conditions are set here. Travel suppliers’ terms and conditions may include the some other necessities related to the payment procedures, liability, cancellations, and changes in the booking, default, refunds if available and other restrictions. And as a result you may move through the website and you will see the links to the terms applying for the specific travel suppliers products and you are advised to read that terms carefully. You are responsible for any issues with any airline or any travel suppliers in the relation to the check-in times, reconfirmation of the flights or hotel bookings and other matters.

Flights Booking Terms & Conditions:

In the relation of airfares there are some other terms and conditions which are specific to the airfares of international airlines. For example, some of the lower economy class flights are restricted to the unchangeable and non-refundable. In order to set out your itinerary you should use the flights. For example failure to the out-bound segments of the itinerary, and first time journey can invalidate rest of the flight ticket. You should note that it is recommended to check-in 120 minutes and 90 minutes before the departure time for the international and domestic flights respectively. Some of the airlines require you to reconfirm the flight ticket before 72 hours of the departure time. Failure in the reconfirmation of flights may ultimately cause to the flight cancellation. Furthermore, most of the airlines reserve the right to schedule the changes and cancel the confirm bookings. But Cheap Umrah Packages is not responsible for that type of rescheduling and changings of the flight booking, what we can do for you is that we provide you the required assistance through our customer services team. We strongly recommend that you should check in early if you have particular seat requests and booked the economy class flights. Cheap Umrah Packages have no control over the seats choses, even for the pre booked flights with the airline or any travel agency. We does not guarantee that your booked seats will be available at the time of departure or not. Cheap Umrah Packages is also not responsible for the transportation services between the airport and terminals which may occur at the airport. Flight prices of the best flights or special flights are usually not take the direct route. The flight where direct flight is mentioned in the flight itinerary is where there is no need to change the aircraft but there may be technical stopover for the long routes. Some of the flight itineraries require the change in the en route. En Routes are made for the purpose of refueling, and let the passengers on or off. The timing which are mentioned in the 24 time format in the flight itinerary is mostly based on the out-bound flights.

Direct Flight: These are flights which keep the same flight number throughout the journey. But it does not include the stopovers and layover in the any country but there may be a technical stopover for the purpose of refueling. These are like the non-stop flights which does not fly from the departure airport to the absolute airport.

Nonstop Flight: These are those flights which does not include any technical stopover or layover on any airport. They depart from the departure airport and absolute destination. They are not similar to the Direct flights.

Financial Protection:

Flights: We provide the protection for your payments for some but not all of your flight-only services by the way of ATOL (Air Travel Organizers’ License Number 74904 which is issued by the civil aviation Authority. Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, TH6 0YR telephone 0207-099-8899 or, email claims@caa.co.uk. When you have booked ATOL protected flights from us then we will provide you an ATOL certificate. ATOL certificate lists that your flights are financially protected and what it means and to contact whom if the things go wrong. You should note that flights we sell as an authorized ticket agents for the airlines are not protected. We will tell you that your flight is ATOL protected or not at the time of booking and issue an ATOL certificate to you. If you don’t receive any ATOL certificate that means that your flights are not ATOL protected. Where we sell the complete package for the authorized travel organizer, then you will be protected by the ATOL of the Organizer whose contact details and ATOL number will be mentioned in the confirmation email of your booking. Where we sell the complete package there the Clause 5 of the Section B will apply. Where you flight is ATOL protected us or the supplier will provide the service for which you have paid or bought services (or a suitable alternatives). In some case where neither we nor supplier can do so for some reasons of insolvency, An ATOL holder will provide you with the services for which you have paid or other suitable alternative (no extra cost to you). You agree to accept in that conditions where the alternative ATOL holder will perform those obligations and you agree to pay any money outstanding to the paid by you under the contract with that alternative ATOL holder. However it will not be possible to appoint an alternative ATOL holder if you agree in that some cases, in which case you will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme or you credit card issuer where it can be applicable. If we or suppliers are identified by the ATOL Certificate, are unable to provide the services listed above or any suitable alternatives through the ATOL Holder for the reasons of insolvency, the trusties of Air Travel Trust can make the payment to you, under the ATOL scheme. You agree that in return for such payments or benefits you have assigned to those trustees any claims which you may have arising or relating to any to eh non-provisions of the services, which also includes any claim against us, or any of our travel (or your credit card issuer where it may applicable). You also agree to the some claims may be reassigned to another body has paid for the sums you have claimed under the ATOL scheme. Our non-flight package is that where we act as an agent which is organized by the third party, we will advised you to read the financial protection which is arranged by the organizer in the case where the organizer is involved. We are only responsible for the financial protection where we are dealing as an organizer according to the Claus 5 of Section B will apply.


Taxes are the paid to the government which are part of the booking processes for the Airline tickets or hotels where you are given an option to add the details of any frequent flyer program or any hotel loyalty programs of which you are the member. Please note that those frequent flyer programs of Airlines of Hotels are subjected to the terms and conditions of the hotels or airline who have offered. Those terms and conditions does not provide the rewards on all type of      fare classes or services. If you have any confusion about the terms and conditions then you have to contact to the Hotel or Airline if you want to use your frequent flyer program. Our suppliers have their own rules and regulations regarding the cards of the frequent flyer loyalty programs. If you have any questions and queries then you have contact them directly on their phone numbers or emails. In the case of special requests Cheap Umrah Packages will not guarantee such products like special meals, extra legroom, wheelchair assistance etc. Cheap Umrah Packages will pass these requests to the related travel suppliers. It is your responsibility to confirm from the travel supplier that your special services are fulfilled or not. Cheap Umrah Packages is not responsible for such services.

2. Delivery of your Booking

The following rules and regulations will apply on all the products which are booked through our website.


All Through the booking processes you will be provided with the inclination of the E-ticket or paper ticket. Please not that your respective airlines have their own terms and conditions regarding the E-ticketing. Cheap Umrah Packages will not be responsible in the case of disobedience with that rules and regulations. We strongly recommend that you should confirm these rules and regulations with direct airline with which your tickets are booked.

Tickets Delivery

 Cheap Umrah Packages rely on the information you provided is correct and therefore not be responsible in case of any inconvenience regarding on the ticket. And we are not responsible due to the wrong provided addresses or your e-tickets have not arrived on your email due to the incorrect email address or junk/spam file settings or incorrect telephone number. And please confirm that your name matches with the name on the passport and which is mentioned on the travel tickets or booking. You can check the spellings of your name at the time you received the e-tickets on your email. Please not that Cheap Umrah Packages does not provides the paper tickets outside the territory of United Kingdom. And In the condition when you are living in the flat with the security gates, in the case you have to counsel us at the time of the booking. It is your responsibility to counsel us if you have not received you e-tickets.

If you have another booking with us or with our any travel agent, then it is your responsibility to inform us that within a definite time. Cheap Umrah Packages would recommend you to do this before completing the booking process. This will help you that you require the express delivery or not. You should note that some of the airlines may apply a charge and follow the complete the procedure of the re-issue in the case of the lost-tickets or delayed in the post or delivery of tickets. I would strongly recommend to take the e-ticket when your departure date is today or tomorrow. That charge can vary depending on the different airlines. Cheap Umrah Packages uses the first class delivery system of Royal mail, if you have not received your tickets within the seven working days of booking confirmation email then you have to contact us at info@cheapumrahpackages.co.uk or our direct line number. But not within the given time. After seven working days we may ask you contact us between the 48 hours.

If you contacted the Cheap Umrah Packages, will bear the cost of reissuance in case of contacting us within the given 48 hours. If you contacted us after that 48 hours then you will be responsible for the any costs. Express the next day delivery as a city link delivery by the 18:00 of the following day. In that case you have to contact us within the 48 hours of the confirmation email of the tickets and still not have received the tickets but not before the given time. Failure to the contact within our timeframe which is 48 hours may result in the costs from the airline which you would be accountable for paying. Please note that you can trace the status of your delivery by using the reference number of the courier we provided on the website or through our email. Reference number will also be provided with the email in which the tickets confirmation will be dispatched. In some of the exceptional circumstances, Cheap Umrah Packages will not be responsible for the reissuance of the pre-booked tickets due to the tickets restrictions which are out of our control. If this occurs then it may be the expensive than the original booking and you will be the responsible for paying the differences. Please note that you may require the ticket number or reservation code or confirmation email as an evidence of your travel booking to the relevant supplier.

3. Cancellation or Modification Terms

The following will apply for the all the products which are displayed on our website and purchased from us. Your ability to cancel or modify the booked travel service or product and also for the methods for doing so, depends on the terms and conditions defined by the relevant travel supplier or hotel supplier’s terms and conditions. But therefore not be possible to make changing or cancel the product booking or services or may be some definite requirements you will have to meet. For the flight bookings you can possibly can change or cancel the booking over the telephonic call or emailing to the Cheap Umrah Packages at info@cheapumrahpackages.co.uk. For cancellation of the Car rentals and cancellation the following terms will apply. You can make amendments or cancel within the seven days of the booking confirmation email (the date on which you make the booking and received the confirmation email of the booking) Cheap Umrah Packages will charge of 15 per hour. For the cancelled booking or modified booking the time period is more than seven days after the booking date. Cheap Umrah Packages will charge of 40 per rental. In some of the circumstance the travel supplier doesn’t make any amendment or cancel the product or services unless they receive the written request through email along with the payment of the extra fees and associated charges if applicable.

Please note that in the case of “no-show” status of the ticket will be cancelled by the airline would be totally non-refundable. Accordingly if you want to change the flight nearer to the departure time, we highly recommend to call the Cheap Umrah Packages agents, and obtain the email verification for making that changings before not travel on the original flights mentioned in your itinerary. For the car rental: if you failed to cancel your reservation before the previous pick-up time and do not collect the vehicle on the pick-up date, or you failed to comply with the pickup terms (See the supplier’s terms and conditions), Cheap Umrah Packages have right to make ‘no-show’  charge as 100% of total payment of the car rental booking value.


Regarding the Umrah Flights, please note that initial deposits for the flights are totally non-refundable.

Cheap Umrah Packages will not be responsible for any type of refunds if you cancelled the trip by your own self.

Please make sure that your passport validity is at least six months before you apply for the Hajj or Umrah.

Your passport will be sent to the Saudi Embassy for the issuance of the Hajj or Umrah VISA, but in the case you not get the VISA for any reason, the Cheap Umrah Packages will not be liable for that. It is only the Saudi Embassy who issues the VISA not Cheap Umrah Packages.

VISA cost may be different at the time of making booking procedure, and it may go high at the time of applying/issuing the VISA, please make sure that you have a top up whatever the difference might be.

Please aware in the case of VISA rejection, we are only responsible to apply for the Flight and Hotel cancellation, Cheap Umrah Packages will only refund the amount which would be under the terms and conditions, and under not any circumstances Cheap Umrah Packages is responsible for the 100% of the refund.

The Hotels which have been quoted or displayed on the website are subjected to the availability. Please note that you will be provided the same hotels or something similar hotels to the Hotels you have been quoted. Under not any circumstance your initial deposits are refundable. But under some specific circumstances we may give the partial refunds if we have received some amount of money from the Saudi Vendor. Please make sure that you have cancelled by your own self then amount will be totally non-refundable.

The deposit you paid for the Hajj Packages will totally be non-refundable and non-endorsable.

You should be aware of the thing that failure to use the first segments of the itinerary or outbound flights could invalidate the whole ticket.

You should make sure that you have reached at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time to make the safe check-in.

Please double check all the travelling documents at the airport to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the travel, and company will not cooperate in case of any issue regarding this.

Airline have reserved the rights to make changings and cancel the confirmed bookings. Cheap Umrah Packages as your travel agent is not responsible for such changes or cancellations, we will provide you with the suitable assistance through our customer support desk.

Please inform that you have received any email from the airline side to cancelled or make changings, we will try to revalidate or reissue your flight tickets according to the next available flights with the approval of the airline and that in case of Hotel accommodation, the company can try to accommodate you accordingly and in case of the fare difference due to low availability of the flights customer must have to pay. It is suggested to check your flight status online or with the travel agent before 7 days of the departure date.

As your travel services provider we would like to remind you the utmost importance of your travel insurance.

However we doesn’t provide the travel insurance and suggesting to insuring yourself as we or our travel consultants are taking any loss or damage if the luggage loss of property, or the personnel belongings stored in the hotel or elsewhere. This also includes the medical uncertainty facing abroad and personal liability claims.

The normal check-in time is about the 14:00 for most of the hotels and check out time is 12:00 in the noon for most of the hotels. Please be aware of the strict Check-in and Check-out policies of the Hotel’s administration. In the last, any changings which you are willing to make in the booked package, should be informed to the travel agent, he will see that if any alterations are available/possible or not. They may charge for this.

The company reserves the right to the package on the non-refundable basis, if the payment plan is not met by the customer according to originally set at the time of the booking.

We take the Hotels and Accommodation star ratings from the different sources and offer them as a general guide. However, these are not necessarily match with the local rating and standards of the rating regarding the Hotels and accommodation of the same class can vary from one country and another country or may be with the same country regarding different hotels and property.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully because if you are booking the any product with us it means that you are agreed to the terms and conditions set by Cheap Umrah Packages.

VISA Processing

The company’s Obligations regarding the booking conditions are defined below, I request you to read them carefully before you sign the contract document.


  1. Passport must be valid at least 6 months before your departure date.
  2. Your Passport must have the 2 facing blank pages.
  3. Non-digital or hard written passport will not be accepted.
  4. For EC (Non-British) Passport holders, we ca only apply for the hajj VISA if he is the resident of the United Kingdom. In that case you have to provide the proof of residency when applying for the VISA.
  5. Non-European Community (EC) passport Holders must have the permanent residency, student or work VISA and must have entered in the territory of the UK before two months of the applying for the Umrah VISA.
  6. Passenger must have the Meningitis vaccination certificates

Note: We will retain your passport VISA has been issued from the Saudi Embassy, which can take close to the departure date.


Company have reserved the right to change the price of the package without the prior notice to the customers and will be informed accordingly. The Quoted price of the Umrah Flights may increase in the case of Surcharge imposed by the airline, if tickets are not issued within the given time limit. The Price of the package may increase due to the government imposed charges pertaining your travel. The price of the package can be increase in the case of changing price by the change in the price the Saudi Supplier of the Hotel Accommodation or transport etc.

The Health and General Terms

Followings are your responsibilities:

  • It is you responsibility to check the tickets, vaccination certificates, accommodation vouchers, passport, visa or anything else which may prevent you from travelling.
  • You have to notify the company if you think that any of the information is incorrect. If you have not notified the company about the issues which you facing at the event, the company will not be responsible for that issues.
  • You must check the validity of the passport which should be valid at least six months at the end of your pilgrimage.
  • The company will recommend the travel insurance in all the circumstances for you all kinds of the trip.
  • You should make sure that you have comply with the all the health requirements of the travel such as vaccination.
  • You have to ensure that you know well about the all the rituals of the Hajj or Umrah Pilgrimage which you have booked and how to perform them
  • You should be aware that during the peak season, due to the large crowd of the people such as during the hajj period, the furniture or the other room facilities may be different. Company is unable to make any interference in that kind of the room facilities and you have to comply with it.
  • You should be aware that during the hajj and peak Umrah seasons the Umrah Flights’ airports may be changed at the last minute. Cheap Umrah Packages has not control that type of changes and these are changed at the Airlines’ end, you have to accept that changes.
  • We are not taking any responsibility for any kind of changings which may occur during the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That’s why we strongly recommend you to take the travel insurance which will accommodate in any kind of the loss during your travel.


Force Majeure:

Cheap Umrah Packages will not be liable for the failure towards the booking, if this arises out of a force majeure. This also include any wars, hijacking, natural disasters, accidents, political instability, lockdowns which can affect the confirmed bookings.

You are requested to stay updated with the COVID-19 situation and policies of different countries, and its effects on your scheduled flights and different protocols.

Cheap Umrah Packages is taking any responsibility of the missing flights due to anything that is concerning with the Covid-19 policy and rules set by the higher authorities.

4. Payment Terms

Full payment of the flight Packages is required at the time of the booking. Please not that you may have to pay the extra payment for the car rental (e.g. optional insurance, additional drivers, and mileage) as further set out in the specific car rental terms and conditions. The timing and collection of the payment for the flights of each individual terms and conditions. The timing of the payment will normally be in the three ways: (i). Full payment at the time of the booking. (ii) Deposit at the time of the booking remaining of the amount at the time of the check-out. (iii) Full payment at the time of the check-out. In order to know about the associated charges with your bookings, please check the payment summary at the time when you are making the booking and send it to you with the verification email of the booking. The collector may be the Cheap Umrah Packages, its supplier, and any representatives of the Cheap Umrah Packages. Payment methods other than the mentioned one the website will not be accepted and not any responsibility for the cash or Cheque which are sent through the post. Before receiving the payment from the customers, Cheap Umrah Packages or the Travel supplier is not obliged to issue any kind of the tickets, Confirmation, Vouchers, or other travel documents. However, in the class you are liable to pay the amount on which are agreed for the travel products or services ordered through the email, call or other sources.

Cheap Umrah Packages is an IATA Ticketing agent, you flights tickets which are scheduled will be issued and sent to you within the 24 hours of your payment is accepted. Payments can be made through the debit or credit cards which are described in detailed on the website. Cheap Umrah Packages have reserved the right to send your e-tickets, e-vouchers, e-confirmations, or other travel documents on your addresses to your credit card billing addresses to do by the credit card issuers. In the case of incorrect billing address of the credit card may cause in cancellation of your issuance of tickets. Delays in the issuance of the tickets may subject to increase in the prices of the bookings. Because all type of the airlines fares are subjected to the availability and availability decreases in an every second. Make sure that you’re provided billing addresses match with those billing statement. In Addition, in an effort to minimize the effects of the credit card frauds, we have reserved the right to random checks, including the validating the name, addresses and some other personal information provided by during the other processes against the third party databases. By accepting these terms and conditions you consent to the certain checks are being made. In performing the checks personal information may be disclosed to the Registered Card Reference Agency which may keep the record of that information. You should be rest assured that credit check is made done by the purpose to verify your identity. That credit check will be performed and rating of the credit card would be stay unaffected. All the information provided will be dealt with the sincerity and strictly according to the international data protection laws of 1998. In some cases you may request to either fax or post us the proof of your address, a copy of credit card and recent statement before issuing the tickets. Refunds will be proceeded to the form of payment used at the time of the booking. This will be payable to the person who has paid the payment at the time of the booking. As exchange rates fluctuates same as taxes can fluctuate with the exchange rates. If you pay through the credit, you payment directly paid to the airline. If we face any problem with your payment, we will contact you within the 48 hours of your booking (or within the 24 hours if your flight will depart within the next 48 hours). Cheap Umrah Packages is not responsible in the increase in the prices due to late in the payment. Cheap Umrah Packages is not liable for any price increase due to the failure in the payment and any price increase must be paid by you before your booking is confirmed. You should keep in the mind that any airline payment or any payment to the Cheap Umrah Packages for any kind of the products or the Cheap Umrah Packages charges will appear as separate transactions on your credit card statements.

5. Passports, Visas and Health Terms:

The Information which is written in this section is only valid for the British Citizen Only. Non-British Citizens (including: citizens of British Dependent Territories; those who hold their citizenship by virtue of a connection with Gibraltar; British subjects who have a right of abode in the United Kingdom; and EC and other nationals) should consult to their destination country’s Embassy and home office immigration department regarding any special documentation for the country he is visiting or returning back to the United Kingdom. Some of the overseas countries have an immigration requirement that your passport is having a validity for a minimum period after you have entered in that country, which is mostly 6 months. If your passport is less than a year to use, please ensure that your passport is valid at least end of your trip, although you should ask the passport agency before you travel to make it sure. For further information about the UK passport and application for the renewal, please visit the following link of the UK website https://www.gov.uk/renew-adult-passport. If you passport is in its final year of the validity, we would recommend you to confirm the travel requirements before making further travel plans. The Children who have not already included on a valid British Passport will need to hold their own passport if they have to travel abroad. The Children who were included on a passport before 5 October 1998 can continue to travel with the passport holder until the age of sixteen. Or the passport on which a child is included is expired or the passport on which the child is include is replaced or an amendment results in the issuance of new passport the name should be match with the name of child on the ticket, in another case you will not be able to travel on that ticket or insurance may be invalid. If after or before booking a holiday or honeymoon trip but before travelling, any member of your party changes his name for example after getting married, we must be informed immediately, so that we can try to make the necessary changes in the documents of Holidays trip.

In order to gain access into the United States, individuals will typically require a visa, unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program. The Visa Waiver Scheme enables those with full British Citizens Passports and the right of stay in the United Kingdom to fulfil a Visa Waiver Form, which must be submitted upon arrival. It is imperative to check compliance with all United States Government regulations outlined in the Visa Waiver Form before to finalizing your booking. It is a requirement for all individuals holding British passports, regardless of age, who are intending to travel to the United States of America through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), to own their own machine-readable passports (MRP). Consequently, anybody lacking a Machine Readable Passport (MRP), including minors who are presently listed on a parent's passport, will be required to obtain a visa in order to travel to the United States. The machine-readable feature of a British Passport is shown by the presence of two lines of print on the white strip located at the bottom of the personal data page, situated at the rear section of the passport. In the absence of a white strip or if the white strip lacks any content, it might be concluded that the passport does not include machine-readable capabilities. For more comprehensive information regarding the entrance requirements for the United States, it is advisable to consult the official website of the US Embassy, accessible at www.usembassy.org.uk, or alternatively, the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, which may be found at www.fco.gov.uk. In the event that an individual does not possess British citizenship, it is advisable to establish communication with their respective Embassy in order to obtain pertinent information and guidance regarding the visa prerequisites for the intended destinations. Kindly take note: It is advisable to consult the appropriate embassy well in advance of travel, as passport and visa restrictions are subject to potential modifications. The individual bears the obligation of possessing a valid passport and, if applicable, obtaining a visa. The process of obtaining a visa can frequently need a significant amount of time; therefore, it is recommended that individuals submit their applications well in advance. The company disclaims any liability for consumers who fail to possess the appropriate documentation. The individual bears the obligation of verifying and adhering to all health-related prerequisites. It is advisable for those who hold British citizenship to consult the Health Advice for Travelers section of the official website of the Department of Health, located at www.dh.gov.uk/PolicyAndGuidance, or alternatively, seek guidance from their general practitioner. Non-British citizens are advised to seek information from their own country's Department of Health or a comparable advising entity.

6. Other Generally Applicable Terms:

Cheap Umrah Packages does not take any legal responsibility to provide you the part or full of your booking in the case of failure, death or any kind of the personal injury is not caused by us or our agents or our Travel Suppliers. In the respect of the International travel by air, rail or sea, or liability will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant international conversations. In instances when Cheap Umrah Packages has legal liability for direct loss, the extent of such liability shall be capped at the highest value of the items or services involved in the claim (except cases of death or personal injury, which are not subject to any limitation). Cheap Umrah Packages shall not assume responsibility for any indirect or consequential loss, regardless of its nature, resulting from the utilization of this Site or any travel products or services acquired or reserved through the Site, whether deriving from a contractual agreement, tortious conduct, or any other legal basis.

Queries and Complaints

I would suggest you to contact the Customer services team, if you have any queries and complaints before the departure date and you have booked Cheap Umrah Packages. If you have any complaints regarding the Travel supplier during the stay in the travel you have to record your complaints at the relevant Travel Supplier before the return. If you have any complaints or enquiries during the stay then please contact our customer services team on your return and no later than 30 days after it going to the booking reference and other relevant information. If we or any of our travel supplier needs the additional information then you have to provide as early as possible in the written form. The Simple process will be followed as we or travel supplier need to inspect the problem, where possible, solve it accordingly.

APIS Terms:

All the Airlines are requisite to collect the Advance passenger information before the booking to or from the United States of America (USA) and several other countries. You are agreed to supply this information at cheapumrahpackages.co.uk and cheapumrahpackages.co.uk will pass this information to the airlines and they oneworld may disclose it to the foreign authorities. Failure to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) during the reservation process may result in denial of entry to the aforementioned countries. Several airlines, such as US Airways and American Airlines, as well as various carriers in the United States, require passengers to provide complete and accurate passport information during the reservation process prior to ticket issuance. A significant number of entities adhere to a stringent practice of issuing Debit Memos only when complete information has been provided prior to their issuance. Ensuring the accuracy of information is crucial to avoid any potential delays during the immigration process upon arrival in their respective nations. The specific data that will be requested from you will vary based on the country you intend to visit. However, it generally include details such as passport information, city and country of residence, and destination address (applicable to all travelers listed on your booking) if your travel plans involve the United States. When travelling to a nation that mandates the submission of Advance traveler Information (API), cheapumrahpackages.co.uk will seek this information from passengers upon completion of their reservation. It is the responsibility of the traveler to provide the needed information in a timely manner. In the event that a passenger is unable to submit the requested details, cancellation charges will be applicable, contingent upon the fare restrictions set by the airline. 

Customer Behavior Terms:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have not to act in a way which is not suitable or causes any type of offense or danger to other or any kind of the property which belongs to the others which is also including not limited drunkenness or air range. During one's vacation or when utilizing a certain service or product. In the event that your conduct is deemed inappropriate, offensive, or harmful to others, or poses a risk of damage to others' property, we and/or our Travel Suppliers (such as airline personnel) retain the right to cancel your booking. In such a scenario, our and our Travel Supplier's obligations to you will promptly cease, and you will not be entitled to any refunds, compensation, or reimbursement for any expenses incurred as a result of this termination. Moreover, you will bear the responsibility of reimbursing us for any expenditures we may incur due to said termination.

Use of the Site Terms and Conditions:

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ATOL Protection:

Cheap Umrah Packages is an ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority and we act as a licensed Umrah Travel services providers. And find the relevant ATOL of the Cheap Umrah Packages in the website’s head part or in the navigation bar. The Flight bookings booked by our travel agents are also ATOL protected, except when the tickets for the scheduled flights are sent to you with the 24 hours of the payment being accepted, or where payment is directly made to the airlines. ATOP protection preferably extends to the customers which book the inbound and outbound United Kingdom Flights bookings. If your booking is ATOL protected, you will be clearly informed in email in which tickets will be send and with the ATOL receipt. Visit www.atol.org.uk if you want to know more about the ATOL protection.