14 Nights 3 Star Umrah Packages are offered by Cheap Umrah Packages at very cheaper price of £ 885.00 from UK. Al Kiswa Tower and Emaar Taibah are the 3 Star Hotels which are the part of your Umrah Package. This is the best suited Hotel Accommodation for pilgrims of Umrah. You have to spend equal number of nights in the both Hotels. You will carry-out your journey through the Indirect Flights of the International Airlines with shorter stopover. The provisions like Transport from Jeddah to Mecca, Breakfast, and Ziarats are not included but can be provided on the request. Umrah VISA is included in the Package.

Why book 14 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package with us?

Pilgrims travelling from United Kingdom avail these two-week economical Umrah Packages from CheapUmrahPackages. Although Umrah can be performed in few hours but we are offering the two weeks for the spiritual trip. Within these two weeks pilgrim perform the more Ibadahs as compare to the other days. Here are few of the reasons for which UK pilgrims:

Best Hotel Accommodation: We are offering the best Hotel Accommodation in the Mecca and Madinah with Double type room sharing. Mecca Hotel’s Included in these Packages are nearer to the Haram Sharif and Madinah Hotel is near the Masjid an Nabawi. These Hotel’s rating is Three Star but if you want to avail the 7 Nights 4 Star Umrah Packages from UK, you can contact our Umrah Reservation cell. We have chosen these Hotels for the pilgrims to access the Islamic Heritage and Landmarks near the Mecca and Madinah.

Hassle Free VISA services: Our 99% Umrah VISAs are approved from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. There are less chances of rejection of Umrah because of some issues from the Customer End. But CheapUmrahPackages VISA issuance team always tries to issue all the VISA requests. That’s why we declare our Umrah VISA services as Hassle free.  

Cheaper and Indirect Flights: Our included Umrah flights are with the International Flag carriers of Arabian Peninsula. As these countries lies between the United States of America and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So these Flights are the best suited Airlines for the Umrah. But we can include the direct Airlines (American Airlines or Saudi Airlines) on the request of Customers.

24/7 Customer Care Desk: Our Umrah Travel Consultants are always available on the desk to help the customers who are stuck on the airport or having any other queries regarding booked Umrah Services i.e. Umrah flights, Hotel Accommodation, or Umrah VSIA services.

Easy Umrah Booking System: CheapUmrahPackages always works with the collaboration of its Umrah travel experts. We have designed a high end reservation system which follows an easy booking management system and Umrah booking system by which you can get the Custom Umrah Packages from website.

Why our 14 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package is most Preferred Option among UK pilgrims?

CheapUmrahPackages have made the worth in the field of travel since last couple of decades. We have served the many customers since it was established. Our Umrah Packages are most preferred option for the pilgrims because our Umrah Package offers all the necessary amenities which are necessary for an Umrah pilgrim travelling from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Our Aim is to provide the all the Umrah Travel services and Guidelines for the pilgrims so that they can perform the Umrah with ease and peace of mind. For booking the Hassle-Free Umrah Packages by submitting query through form above.

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